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external frame On Wednesday a contingent of lawmakers from Pennsylvania met with members of the Arizona GOP members of congress and then they toured the counting area to see how the audit is done. The 2020 election audit taking place in the largest county in Arizona is on pace to be done by the deadline next month, an official said on Wednesday. It is appalling that overt fraud has become common place and accepted in certain circles, but the American people deserve and demand that only legally cast votes be counted and that they be counted accurately. Numerous reports claim that the great American PATRIOT Vernon Jones scheduled a press conference for tomorrow in Atlanta to ask for a full forensic audit of Georgia’s 2020 Election results. “It comes as no surprise that the Democrat who oversaw the Pennsylvania election, one of the most fraud-filled elections in American history, certified the results of that fraud without allowing the court cases to be adjudicated. On Wednesday, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Daniel Martin will rule on an injunction filed by Democrats. Superior Court Judge Brian Amero ruled that the audit, requested by among other plaintiffs Garland Favorito, co-founder of the group Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia, could go forward.

There will be a hearing this month when Judge Amero will decide if the audit can be made. Plaintiff’s attorney Bob Cheeley told Judge Brian Amero on Friday that Fulton County Registration Chief Ralph Jones, during a pretrial deposition, estimated the county printed 20,000 absentee ballots through a vendor in the 10 days leading up to the election. Word of the signature audit reached White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, who made a surprise visit to the Cobb County Civic Center this week to ask questions about the process, then left a few minutes later. Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem on Friday called on his fellow lawmakers to come together and recall Arizona’s certification. The operation has come under criticism from local and state officials in Arizona over concerns about partisanship and security. We recognize that local jurisdictions sometimes have different or supplemental requirements and procedures from those required by the state.

In this case, a properly conducted audit with procedures neutral to the parties but sufficiently stringent to ensure legality, honesty, propriety, equity, and with equal protection of each ballot cast (whether counted or not counted) need to be determined. Though our state's machines may not be subject to Smartmatic, they have been updated by GEMS firmware which brings to the forefront yet another disturbing possibility of “fractionalizing” votes as demonstrated by a study conducted by Black Box Voting. The audit now underway caught the ire of Democrats and legacy media outlets who are sowing doubt on its necessity or legitimacy as state lawmakers demand the independent audit be conducted by an outside firm.”Why some officials have raised concerns over the ongoing Republican-commissioned audit of election results in Arizona,“ reads the Twitter headline above its trending topic. Fann said she hopes to enlist Senate Democrats to participate. “Election officials targeted by the Department of Justice need to realize they are dealing with partisans who will twist the law for the sake of political power,” J. Christian Adams, a former DoJ Civil Rights Division attorney and now the president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, told reporters in reference to received by Arizona state Senate President Karen Fann from Karlan.

Representatives of our great state have assured us that Dominion does NOT own the machines and that Diebold/Premier last serviced the machines in 2010. This is simply impossible since Diebold sold it's voting machine division to ES&S in 2009 which later sold the company to Dominion in 2010. Most recently, it has been reported that Dominion was sold to a Chinese firm just one month prior to the election. The audit also includes a review of 385 tabulators and other machines used last year. The original judge in the case brought by the Democrats removed himself over last weekend when a lawyer was added to the dispute who had worked for the judge recently. Here comes the Democrats attempts trying to undermine, compromise and discredit the recorded forensic audit. The more they try to fight or discredit this, the more millions of people worldwide understand they are indeed hiding something. The deleted all the 2020 election related content and a youtube search for ScottsdaleStudios specifically brings up Arizona Election Audit youtube content from sources such as ABC, CNN, MSNBC, AZFamiy, all of which are essentailly anti audit fake news, gaslighting and misinformation propaganda .

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