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May. 29, 2021 - www.nhpr.orgBallot Folds, Not Fraud, Likely Culprit At Center of Windham Election Audit. If the parties cannot resolve the issue in a mutually agreeable manner, Plaintiffs may seek emergency injunctive and/or declaratory relief in court to seek compliance with the law. Cyber Ninjas then asked that it be allowed to file those documents ex parte and under seal - meaning that neither the public nor the parties bringing the lawsuit would be able to see them. They have reached a settlement with the firm involved in the audit and the Senate Republicans that will see the firm, Cyber Ninjas, cease verifying the signatures on early voting envelopes with the signatures on file from the voter. The audit will validate every area of the voting process to ensure the integrity of the vote. But, now supporters of former President Donald Trump have raised questions about that organization because it has signed on to efforts to halt vote audits and recounts in Arizona inspired in part by Trump’s accusations of widespread, coordinated election fraud for which there is no evidence. Originally the fight was between Democratic Party officials, who largely supervised the collection and counting of votes across the Grand Canyon State, against Republican Party officials who dominate the state legislature and whose presidential candidate won Arizona in 2016 but lost it in 2020. Trump has repeatedly called his defeat a “fraud” and his supporters have demanded investigations.

The cybersecurity company, which is led by someone who cozied up to the Trump-aligned effort to overturn the 2020 Election Audit results, claimed that the procedure documents contained trade secrets. Attached you will find signatures of ­­over 10,000 Pennsylvania residents who are behind this effort and that number is growing by 200 to 500 signatures daily. As noted at the start, it will be the rare close race - one that probably would go to a full-fledged recount anyway - where the audit may show enough change to call the initial results into question. On Wednesday, May 5th, Hobbs sent a letter to Bennett saying that the audit’s procedures were inconsistent with the protocols laid out in the state’s election procedures, were not being done by “qualified, unbiased counters,” and failed “to adequately protect and document chain of custody of ballots.” These conclusions came from observers sent by Hobbs, who were only allowed into the site after a court ordered the Senate to allow their presence. I also spoke by phone to one GOP poll challenger who asked to remain anonymous and told me the Election Audit officials at the convention center are not letting Republican poll challengers remain in the room where absentee ballots are being counted, saying there’s “too many” of them.

However, during the recount, it was revealed that she didn’t lose by 24. Rather, the GOP candidates had actually received 300 additional votes, while St. Laurent lost 99, the Epoch Times reports. Kline confirmed Republican officials have been barred from observing the counting of absentee ballots, and that transposed absentee ballots are being certified without a GOP official signing off on them. There was an official vote recount held that, while not changing the declared winners (all republicans), did find the four republican candidates had votes materially undercounted by just over six-percent. Remember, the state's deadline to certify the results and finally make things official is end of day tomorrow. To challenge the results further, a candidate must file an appeal with the Ballot Law Commission, which St. Laurent did. Not applicable. State law does not allow requested recounts. 2. Recounts and audits including signature verification in accordance with Act 77 on all mail in ballots with an initial focus on Philadelphia and Allegheny counties. Fann, the Senate president, blamed the media for the need for increased security at the venue after a television reporter entered the facility and walked right up to the ballots without being challenged.

And, Masterson says, the strategy chosen by the Arizona's Republican state Senate leaders is working as intended to undermine confidence in the outcome of last year's vote. The Republican-controlled Arizona Senate launched an audit of Maricopa County’s nearly 2.1 million ballots cast in the 2020 election, the Arizona Republic reported. The auditors are seeking to hand count the 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County, the largest county in the state, and they are also planning on examining Maricopa County’s election equipment. Delaware County, says poll watcher and forensics expert. In the 2016 presidential election, voting machines in more than a third of all voting precincts in Detroit registered more votes than the number of voters tallied by poll workers. “When I approached the poll worker, she stated to me that she was being told to change the date on ballots to reflect that the ballots were received on an earlier date,” Connarn says in the affidavit. The Facebook post's claim about 30,000 “fake ballots” appears to stem from a recent episode of the show “War Room” with Steve Bannon, former Trump White House chief strategist.

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