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If one of these interests you, do not let a 1/2 a degree or a 1-degree difference in muzzle rise reduction be your deciding factor. This fireball is behind the front sight and, depending on the intensity of the light, will affect to some greater or lesser degree your ability to see the front sight after the initial shot / flash. I was curious about how the Aro-Tek-modified Glock would compare to a factory-original gun, so I shot it alongside a stock Glock 19. Accuracy and recoil of the two were about the same, but muzzle rise was considerably less with the Aro-Tek gun. As expected when it comes to shooting the non compensator Glock 19, there was a good bit of muzzle rise that you would normally expect. Muzzle rise was cut down dramatically when it came to firing the pistol. Performance was exceptional, I was able to shoot with muzzle rise being cut down dramatically. While you might get slightly lower muzzle velocities than your Glock OEM barrels, the difference is negligible and in return, you will be getting excellent terminal ballistics with defensive ammunition. I used another Glock 19 that did not have a compensator before I had used mine in order to get a full comparison on the difference the compensator would make.

Lightening the striker spring does reduce your trigger pull, which is cool, but it’s not worth it if you’re going to get light strikes. I took my pistol to the range in order to fully get the right idea on how it would affect my shooting. You can mount this compensator onto any pistol with a threaded barrel. The compensator comes from the company known as Arc Division, and now I am going to put this company to the test with my pistol at the range. I’ve done a few things to upgrade my Glock 19 such as a new barrel, slide cuts, a red dot, and now I have added a compensator to the build. Or I JUST NOW strongly strongly recommend it. The Zev Pro Compensator functions by channeling pressure through simple side ports. Second, The Zev V2 compensator was designed for the Glock 19, and when combined with ZEV threaded barrels, a G19 with a PRO V2 has the same slide length as a Glock 34 - meaning you can use a G34-compatible holster. The Glock ported barrel cycled reliably with this same ammunition. 2 extension for 17 total rounds, the IWB carriers position the mags at the same height as my Guncraft Rapid with extended Glock 19 mags and the same 17 round capacity.

The GLOCK’s widths are about the same, but the 19s are 0.7 inch less in height and 0.6 inch less in length. None of that holds true for Aro-Tek's LAW 2000 MKII sight: It measures a tiny .49 inch long, .40 inch wide, and .40 inch high-the module is so small you have to look hard to be aware of its presence. When it came to resetting I would have to make sure that I was aligned each time. I definitely like this particular modification, and after becoming accustomed to shooting a Glock with it I'll have a tough time shooting a Glock without it. I really like the smooth, snagless shape of the Aro-Tek rear sight, not to mention that its twin locking screws allow the sight to be adjusted for windage without a sight-pushing tool. They are affordable, accurate, powerful, rugged, and like other models and calibers of Glocks may be the most reliable out-of-box centerfire semiautos eer designed.

In standard-size Glocks the system uses four batteries and one less in the Glock 19 and 23 compacts. Finally after so much needed thinking I became apart of the group of people that had upgraded their Glocks. The grooved tab on the Aro-Tek steel magazine release has about twice as much surface area as the factory version. Regardless of your profession or area of expertise, we highly recommend incorporating a tourniquet into your EDC loadout, assuming you are trained to use it. It is also important to verify that you are installing a compensator with adequate bore clearance for your caliber. Sometime back I wrote that I couldn't imagine a better handgun designed for defensive use than a Glock 22 or 23 in .40 S&W caliber. A trip to Aro-Tek makes the Glock even better. Better than anything else in the comparison by a noticeable, if small, margin. All you had to do was take the compensator, put a few dabs of Loctite on the threads of the barrel and screw it onto the barrel. At minimum use blue loctite on set screws. Glock RMR Shim. Applicable handguns: Glock 17, 19, 26 Gen 3 thru 5,and Glock 43. 1/2×28 thread pitch for standard 9MM threaded GLOCK barrels; 9/16×24 thread pitch for standard 40cal threaded GLOCK barrels; 8-32 set screws; Works with factory 115gr ammunition ; Use factory guide rod and spring .

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